This is JoJo's Cause

Helping to raise money for both Brain Injury Research and families in need at the local level.

JoJo’s Cause is at it again!

First 2024 event will be 4/27/24

at Mulchay's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh, NY

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Come out and show your support for a great cause! Let's raise awareness and funds for traumatic brain injury (TBI). Enjoy a night of music, drinks, and good company, all for a meaningful purpose. Together, we can make a difference. See you there!

Meet Joanne

Joanne Geier or as most knew her JoJo, was born Dec 10th 1950 to her parents Marie and Joseph Palmeri. She was born and raised in Brooklyn NY until her senior year of HS when her family moved out to Lynbrook Long Island. She quickly became popular with the kids as her personality was contagious. She was a loving caring person who most of all loved to have a good time. She loved music and dancing and often believed she was a star herself. She eventually went on to marry William Geier and have three children, Allison, Billy, and Andrew. Her love for her family and children was what motivated her everyday. As the kids became school age, she started a career in the insurance world and loved being part of the workforce. She brought smiles to faces with every room she walked into. On June 10th 1998 she was in a single car accident that changed all our lives forever. Till this day it’s a mystery of what happened to JoJo that day. After the fight of her life in a 35 day coma, JoJo finally woke up. Both her life and that of her family would never be the same. JoJo was left paralyzed from the waist down and with a severe brain injury. For 21 years she suffered with the inability to express her feelings or communicate with the rest of the world but for her family she fought. The nursing home knew her as the fighter cause of her feisty personality and no one could ever believe how strong she was. After a long suffering battle she passed on Feb 11th 2022 she was 71 years old. When people talk about JoJo you can’t help but to smile for the good memories she left everyone with. The countless selfless acts of kindness she made for others and most importantly how loved she made everyone feel.

What is JoJo's Cause?

The purpose of JoJos cause is to help raise money for both Brain Injury Research and families in need at the local level. We intend to hold various fund raising events throughout the year and with that money, we will donate to local organizations throughout NY and NJ that provide for families in need. We also intend to donate to organizations that focus on Brain Injury Research. JoJos cause was founded in memory of JoAnne Geier who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident in 1998 and never was able to recover from her injuries. We lost JoJo in Feb of 2022. JoJos quality of life was not something anyone should have to endure and these injuries prevent families from ever getting closure. If we can help just one family recover from an injury like JoJos these efforts will all be worth it.  

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